Manner of applying the Wheel Fix Plastic Spacer
Wheel Fix Plastic Spacer is generally installed on hips (stirrup) on vertical basis.
In some special conditions, a round plastic cover would be applied on major rebar.
Consumption rate of Wheel Fix Plastic Spacer
Consumption rate of Wheel Fix Plastic Spacers in walls and vertical surfaces with normal applied load from concrete frames:
It is 3 pcs in one square meter for each side of armature levels.
Consumption rate of Wheel Fix Plastic Spacers in vertical surfaces with specific & heavier framing such as Form Tunnel Frames:
It is 4 -6 pcs in one square meter for each part of the wall
Consumption rate of Wheel Fix Plastic Spacers in columns:
It is at least 16 pcs in columns up to dimensions of 50 * 50 in each 3-m column (About 2 pcs in each side of arch and it repeated at height of 5.1m). In case the dimensions of the column are greater than 50cm, the consumption number of Wheel Fix Plastic Spacers will increase up to 48 pcs for a 3m column.

Qty & consumption method:

Like other constructional elements, determining the concrete cover on rebar at vertical levels is so much important. It is so much obvious that a part of poured concrete and/or rusted rebar are obvious in little distance with surface in walls and/or concrete columns. This problem is because of unequal concrete cover for rebar and there is a lack of standard concrete cover on rebar in those spaces in which rebar is closer to the surface. Due to interfere of destructive environmental factors into the concrete, lots of corrosion of rebar is obvious according which the rebar has expanded and destroyed concrete section. In order to provide an exact concrete cover at vertical surfaces, some circular spacers named as wheel fix spacer, solar spacer.
Wheel Fix Plastic Spacer is used widely in vertical surfaces such as walls, columns, circular sections and so on in pre-fabricated concrete. Wheel Fixes are designed and produced in compliance with standard BSI 7973 in order to make an obstacle against liquid concrete. Wheel Fixes have equipped with powerful lockers at their centers for holding of rebar. Because of various tentacles around the wheel, no more effects would be remain on concrete surface resulted from any serious vibration at the time of concreting and also no more chlorine ions, sulfates, acids and other destructive factors. One of the advantages of applying a wheel fix in vertical surfaces is parallel mounting of rebar networks against the frame without any armature complexity inside the frame. Load capacity of Wheel Fix is different based upon the diameter and size of rebar. There is a specific design for mounting of rebar with suitable diameter.

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