​چسب کاشی خمیری ZK5

Paste tile adhesive ZK5

There are some moden products for all steps of tile / ceramic installation with specific advantages and properties. One of the most important steps in tile installation is the same on beneath surface. In traditional methods, usually traditional mortar (a mixture of stone powder + cement) were used for tile installation. But today traditional methods have been terminated and just specific ready-to-use adhesives are used for tile & ceramic installation. One of the most usual adhesives for this purpose is Paste Tile Adhesive. Past Tile Adhesive is based upon acrylic resins, mineral powders and thickeners. This product may not only applied for quick installation of tile and reduction of the weight of building materials, but also may increase the inside space of building. This is because in traditional methods the tiles would be installed with a distance of 4-5cm from wall and the back of which was filled with cement slurry. That may not only cause using lots of amounts of building materials, but also occupied a great volume of intenal space of the house.
Meanwhile applying of tile adhesive with a thickness of 4-5 mm on the walls and the tiles are installed on it. Paste tile adhesive is a ready-to-use product and is applied easily by a comb spatula as a thin layer on the surface.

Packing: 5 & 12 kg​​​​​​​

Mode: Paste (White)​​​​​​​

PH: 7
Special weight: 6.1 gr/cm3

Standard: ASTM C482 – BS EN 12004


Extremely high resistance & adhesiveness
Easy application with high speed
Increase the intenal space of building
Increase the coefficient of water stop & resistance against moisture
Production in different colors
Lack of pollution and dust because of combining the materials for making tile mortar
Reduction the weight of structure according to the reduction of thickness
Suitable reflectivity against vibrations & limited movements of building
Excellent adhesiveness to old tiles
Increasing the jelly time for tile installation

Consumption method:

Preparing: The surface should be free from ay pollutions and dusts and grease. In case of any remained concrete or mortars on the surface of frames, please remove the same by water jet and/or sand blast as well. It is necessary to make ready the considered surface for which there are various methods.
Below the wall paper: At first remove the paper and then base with a little primer. Now spread the paste adhesive on the wall at most for one square meter and a thickness of 3-4mm. After that, apply the tile on a surface impregnated with paste tile adhesive.
Gypsum substrate:
Prior to installing the tiles, it is necessary to apply primer on gypsum surface (primer could be a diluted solution of concrete adhesive).
Tile substrate:
Remove any grease on the surface of tile and completely clean the tile glaze by grinding. Then apply a primer layer on surface and immediately perform the paste of tile and install the tile accordingly.
Cement or concrete substrate:
Firstly apply one layer of primer on the surface and then spread the paste tile adhesive by a comb towel and install the tile accordingly.
The installed tile by the paste tile adhesive will find its final strength after 48 hours.
Upon finding the final strength, it is possible to start fastening operations.
After about 2 days after bonding, the considered surface is ready to use.
For the purpose of installation the tiles by paste tile adhesive, it is necessary to spread it on back of the tile at least for %60.

Consumption rate:​​​​​​​

It depends upon substrate situation (from viewpoints of porosity and non-smoothness and tile grooves). But generally it is enough to use 5.2 kg of tile adhesive for one square meter.
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