Zorlu was established in 2011 to produce concrete additives, polymer tapes and plastic spacers in the construction industry. Concrete admixtures, polymer tapes, plastic spacers are a collection of efficient products in the concrete industry that are part of the definition of concrete today and are of special importance in construction projects. Relying on the latest technical knowledge in the world and advanced laboratory and production facilities, Zorlu Company offers a suitable option to the employer by having experienced staff for each construction project. Existence of coordination and continuous communication between the 3 departments of the employer, laboratory and production efficiency makes this complex possible to achieve better and economical quality in the shortest time ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Concrete hardener (Hardener)

There are some weak points in hardened concrete such as low abrasion resistance, dust making, low resistance against shocks, penetrable against environmental factors, unwanted porosity, lack of chemical resistance and so on. Therefore, it is recommended to use hardeners for increasing the quality of concrete surfaces. These materials not only cover most of above-mentioned weak points but also make it possible to have beautiful & harmonized surfaces. For reaching to the mentioned ideals, Zorlu Co. has provided concrete hardeners. Hardener is a ready cement powder composition with soft parts and could be used by dry spraying on fresh concrete. All areas which have been dried spray would be completely smooth and harmonized for further resistance against abrasion. This product has a considerable adhesion to below-layer concrete and may increase its durability by reducing of permeability.
Some of the advantages of concrete hardener are high economic priority, economic condition, increasing the shock resistance, increasing abrasion resistance, Anti Dust, Anti Electrostatic, easy wash, integration of concrete, easy & quick performance, nonflammable, low thickness, Non-slip in oily & wet conditions, suitable integration to below layers of concrete and lack of separation from the surface, resistance against oil, grease and benzene penetration, Anti UV and variety in color. According to the above-mentioned advantages and different necessities, it is possible to use concrete hardener in Oil, Gas and petrochemical industry, Defense Industry, Steel making & Cast Ironing industries, Automobile making industries, Airplane & helicopter industries, Electronic / Electrical Industries, Power Stations, Paper making industries, Textile industries, Plastic making industries, Parking, Sidewalks, Malls, Outdoor levels, warehouses, workshops, production salons, loading platforms, discharge platforms and all surfaces which are subject to pressure tension, abrasion and shocks. ​​​​​​​

Concrete hardener (Hardener)
Two-component concrete sealant Z825

High level of adhesion facility to surfaces
Great resistance against melting & freezing cycles
Suitable reflectivity & elasticity
Disconnect of permeability & water stopping at concrete & stone parts
Lack of pollution for drinking water
Increasing the resistance against carbonation
Suitable tension power & length change
Anti UV
No prevention from concrete breathing
Anti-moss, anti-algae and anti-dandruff
Non-poisonous & inflammable
Bridging on concrete cracks
High adhesion
Lack of adhesion & water stop properties through the time
Suitable coloring with various water-based paints, epoxy and polyurethane
Excellent resistance against acids & bases
High resistance against chlorine & salts ions

Two-component concrete sealant Z825

The installation & fixing on foundation base plates is the most important and sensitive part in steel structures. Installation of base plate on the foundation should be done without any errors and with taking into account all relevant points and details. After installing the base plates by anchor belts and closing the nut and leveling the base plate surface and ensuring about correct placement of the plates on the screen, the most important job for finishing the installation process is pouring mortar below the base plate. Because of little resistance and shrinkage out of losing water through the gripping process, any usage of ordinary mortars or concretes is not a suitable option in the setting process. Also it may cause settlement of structure due to water loss and shrinkage. To solve this problem, ready-made mortars without shrinkage and capable of construction have been formulated and produced under the name of grout. Cement-based grouts are much more powerful than construction mortars and in addition to having high strength, in terms of their special formulation, they create special properties for installing column bases. Special cement-based grout, rather than having higher strength, it has a good lubricant property. This may facilitate the flow of mortar under the support plates.
 Also, some materials have been used in the formulation of cement grouts that increase the volume of mortar. This special property will compensate the reduction of volume due to hydration of cement and will prevent the mortar from shrinking and contraction after drying. This parameter is very important in installing and fixing the support plates on the foundation. In the composition of cement-based grout, powder lubricants are used, which in addition to creating fluidity in the mortar, due to the water-reducing properties, ultimately make it possible to achieve higher strength. Also, the lubricating property of grout will cause excellent mortar flow to farther points and easier filling of sections with higher reinforcement density without the need for a vibrator. Cement-based grout has a higher efficiency than ordinary mortars for filling sections in paste and has a high resistance against temperature changes.

Cement-based grout ZG400

Cement-based grout ZG400




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