Concrete Lubricant PC100N

Super plasticizer PC100N is a liquid additive based on poly-carboxylates which is very strong & considerable in concrete performance and a strong reduction of concrete mixing water. The real goal of consuming this product in making special concretes (either Self-compressed & Self-balanced) in compliance with rules and regulations mentioned in Iranian Concrete Circulars is to make concretes with high slump and best quality and pressure resistance more than standard.​​​​​​​

Packing: 20 liters gallon​​​​​​​

Mode: Liquid (Honey color)​​​​​​​

Chlorine ion: ------​​​​​​​

Special weight: 1.18 gr/ml

Solubility in water & non-flammable ​​​​​​​

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Slump increase
Increasing the concrete efficiency
Reduction of water to cement rate about %30
Creating exposed concrete or exposure
Increase the concrete cohesion & pressure resistance
Production of concrete with water to cement rate of %30-%40
Increase the durability of concrete
Accelerate the exit of bubbles trapped in concrete and mortar in a paste situation
Compatibility with various types of Portland & SRC cements
Easy performance of bulk concrete
Considerable reduction of concrete drainage
Reduction of permeability and water absorption of concrete​​​​​​​

Consumption method:

The calculated plasticizer should be diluted with 2 times of water volume and according to the concrete grade. Diluted ingredient should be added little by little to mixing concrete.
It is possible to add the above-mentioned product to the ready concrete and perform concreting after complete mixing. It is suggested to mix the same for totally 2 or 3 minutes.
The carboxylates plasticizer could be added to batching or truck-mixer while producing concrete.
Be careful not to pour the carboxylates concrete plasticizer directly on concrete dry materials.

Consumption rate

Exact consumption rate depends upon various factors such as temperature, type of concrete, mixing plan and primary slump rate. It could be about %0.2 up to %0.4 of cement weight.
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