Firstly put the head inside the current groove and push to reach the latest part of the base. Then put the bottom rebar network on the base. This is necessary to mention that the height of two spacer base wings is different with the other two ones and such a difference makes it possible to put rebar on each other on cross section form. Upon weaving and regulating bottom rebar row, the rebar of upper network would be placed inside the tentacles of Double Fix Head.
Slabs of two networks with normal weight:
The standard consumption rate is 4 Double Fix Spacer per one square meter.
Slabs of two networks with heavy weight:
Upon calculation the weight of rebar network in one square meter and considering the load capacity of Double Fix Plastic Spacer, the required number of plastic spacers of both networks will be specified for one square meter. Be careful that in case of heavy armature network more than normal, it is possible to apply Hard Fix Spacer on auxiliary basis with 1 to 2m distance from each other for bottom & top networks.

Qty & Consumption method:

In many cases, concrete structures are executed as concrete slabs that require the placement of two networks or two rows of rebar to reinforce concrete. If we want to use bottom & top rows spacers separately, it is not economic and also the bottom rebar networks may interfere in mounting of used spacers in upper network. For this purpose, Double Fix Spacers have been designed. It has two parts as the base and head which would be assembled inside each other. The base part of Double Fix Spacer is allocated for networks in bottom row and the head part is specific for mounting of upper row. The base part is able to place any rebar with free sizes because of its enough wideness. But because of load capacity of double fix plastic spacer, it is suggested to apply maximum a rebar of 28mm for mounting on the base. The head part of Double Fix Plastic Cover is able to place a rebar with maximum diameter of 18mm. Double Fix Network could tolerate point load of 150 to 200kg which would be changing according to the height of the spacer.
​​​​​​​Double Fix Network Spacer is specifically applied in concrete slabs and/or concrete floors with high thickness with two rows of rebar for more enrichment. Usually about 4 Double Fix Spacers are applied in one square meter, but due to the weight of one square meter of rebar structure and considering the point load capacity of Double Fix Spacer, it is possible to obtain suitable quantity for one square meter. If after calculating the weight of one square meter of rebar structure, due to dead / live loads, low weight for the structure is calculated, the pieces can be increased and vice versa when the weight of one square meter of steel structure capacity is more than 4 double-fixed spacers per square meter (in normal condition) with taking into account other forces during the project, then it is possible to increase number of spacers accordingly. In case the weight of bottom rebar network is heavier than normal, it is possible to apply Double Fix Base singularly as an auxiliary. Of course, it is applicable by benefiting from other spacers such as Hard Fix Spacers. Please consider that in case of heavy upper rebar network, it is possible to apply spacers layer by layer with routine distances from Hard Fix Spacers.

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