​​روغن قالب پایه نفت  OFZ314

Oil -based Mold Oil OFZ314

All steps of concreting from selection and mixture of materials up to processing and maintenance should be in compliance with relevant standards and considering all specific facilities to find a suitable result. One of the important steps in this process is making concrete frames which is applied by the help of metallic and/or wooden or plastic frames. Prior to concreting, it is necessary to provide required facilities for easily separation of concrete from frames. Then in lack of quality of frames, it should not have any effects on concrete surface including peeling of concrete and/or making any porosity. For this purpose, it is necessary to lubricate the surface of frames with a specific material before concreting for further easy separation of concrete and with the same quality of concrete. Therefore, oil -based mold oil has been formulated and produced accordingly. The solution- based mold oil has no more solution property in water. It is a form of oil with specific formulation which makes a thin layer on metallic or concrete or wooden frames and make the separation as easy as possible.
The other advantages of applying mold oil – solution base is lack of making any superficial bubbles. In traditional methods, usually buned oil was applied for lubricating the molds. But today this method has been expired. One of the advantages of applying oil -based mold oil in comparison with buned oil is easy transfer and movement of air bubbles in neighboring of mold which may be removed immediately after opening the mold without any color change and/or any adhesion of color or modifying materials on molds.

Packing: 20 Liter Gallon​​​​​​​

Mode: Liquid (Brown)
It has insoluble particles.

Special weight: 0.85 gr/cm3

Standard: CE204 CE1407

Properties & Effects:

Lack of any needs to shock the frames for separation of concrete from molds
Easy movement of air bubbles besides the frames
Washable & removing any pollutions from tools and frames by the use of water
Lack of color change in concrete surfaces
More economic than traditional methods
Suitable coverage on molds
Increasing the life span and durability of metallic, plastic and wooden frames
No more needs to cleaning/separation of concrete from the frames after molding
Lack of pollution and negative effects on concrete and frames
Lack of negative effects on color adhesion or water stop mortars and modifiers
Providing concrete with smoother surface in comparison with framing and without any usage of oil-based mold oil on solution
Easy application by brush or roll on concrete surfaces

Consumption method:

It is recommended to tun the container containing the product several times before using the mold oil or to stir it mechanically, if possible, at the same time.
One unit of solvent-based mold oil can be combined with 50 to 100% of oil products such as gasoline.
It is better to remove any dusts or concrete/ cement from frames prior to applying of solvent-based mold oil.
In case of any remained concrete or mortars on the surface of frames, please remove the same by water jet and/or sand blast as well.
Then apply the solvent-based mold oil by a roll or brush or spray.
Solvent-based mold oil is also applicable in pure form.

Consumption rate​​​​​​​

It depends upon the type of frame and porosity rate of the frame.
In normal condition, by adding 0.5 to 1 liter of oil solvents to 1 liter of mold oil, it is possible to cover about 10-12 square meters.
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