Flat water stop:

Applying of water stop is because of making more safety against water/moisture entrance into the structure in most of projects. In such structures like pools and/or water refining tanks, there is not any water and/or other liquids inside the concrete structure and they are usually used for keeping of other products like flour and wheat. In case of any entrance of moisture, the mentioned products would be damaged and rot. Therefore, applying of flat water stops for concrete break joints named as executive joints, is a suitable option. Then because of no more contraction & expansion, they will have suitable operation in controlling of moisture in negative pressure. Flat wall water stop is produced in two ribbed sides with wider edges in both sides to which the water stop clamp would be connected accordingly. Flat wall water stop is generally used in executive seams and concreting stop. Regarding the geometry form and considered treads, it may prevent from water / liquids entrance from executive seams and concreting stoppage.
Flat wall water stop is mainly produced in widths 15-17-20-22-30-32-40 cm and thickness of 2-6mm. Generally flat wall water stop is a suitable option in those structures without any contraction and expansion. Upon the request of employer, it is possible to punch the edges of water stop for further installation & fixation of water stop tapes to rebar structure by wire. It is possible to produce flat wall water stops in different elongations depending on the type of structure.

Floor flat water stop​​​​​​​

It is impossible to perform wide concrete structures floor and extensive concreting. Therefore, in case of extensive concreting, there will be a structural weakness for concrete. Concreting of extended surfaces is usually formatted and performed in smaller sections. This may cause some executive seams in concrete structure. It is a major weak point in those structures close to water and liquids and specifically negative pressures of water. It may cause interfere of liquids into the structure through the utilization time. For this purpose, special water stops have been designed and produced for specific application in executive seams of concrete structures. Flat floor water stop and/or floor water stop would be used in concrete floors with executive seams. Flat floor water stop is manufactured as a ribbed side and a flat side basis. Then it has wider and longer teeth in comparison with other wall type water stops. Flat floor water stops have main teeth of high height which the number of teeth are various based upon the width of water stop. Furthermore, there are some seams among the distances of teeth for prevention from water pass from the connection of water stop & concrete. Flat floor water stop is mainly used for water stopping of executive seams with their smooth edge is located on the floor of the structure and the treads are placed upwards. Flat floor water stop is produced generally with widths of 24 & 30 cm and thickness of 3-4mm.
Regarding the type of structure and imposed loads, it is possible to manufacture flat floor water stops in different Elongations. Then, this form of water stop is named literally as Floor Water Stop.

Cavity Water Stop​​​​​​​

Most of the concrete structures, especially hydraulic structures that are exposed to hydrostatic pressures of water and liquids, undergo structural contraction and expansion. Such contraction & expansions could be resulted from hydrostatic pressures of liquids and/or decrease-increase of liquid temperature inside the constructions and/or some other reasons. It is necessary to have a form of water stop, in this type of structures and for break points which has sufficient resistance against the stresses. Cavity water stops are the suitable solutions for this purpose. Cavity wall water stop is manufactured in two ribbed sides and has wider edges to attach the water stop clamp to it. Water stop tape has longitudinal teeth which may prevent from any contact between water stop and concrete after mounting in concrete. There is a hole in the center of the transverse part of the water stop which would be developed in the length of water stop. It is responsible for controlling all constructional tensions out of contraction & expansion. Cavity wall water stop is generally manufactured for contracted & cavity wall seams with various widths of 15-17-20-22-30-32-40 cm and thicknesses of 2-6 mm. It is possible to punch water stop pipes in the longitudinal direction and based upon the necessities of client so that it is possible to install / fix it to the steel structure by wire. Also it is possible to manufacture cavity wall water stops with different Elongations and based upon the type of projects.

Floor cavity water stop​​​​​​​

For concreting large hydraulic structures, it is impossible to concretize the floor without considering the expansion joint. This is because of further probable tracking and creation of seams out of imposed forces through the execution time and concrete gripping and even at the time of utilization. For this purpose, it is necessary to frame and concrete the floor concrete in smaller dimensions for instance for 1*3 or 1*2 and/or other dimensions. As a result of such a concreting, there are some executive/expansion seams which are the best way for water/liquids exit and/or penetration of water / moisture into the inside.  For this purpose, a cavity floor water stop has been designed with a ribbed side and flat side which has wider & longer teeth in comparison with wall water stops. Cavity floor water stop has various teeth with long heath and thick for no more bending while concreting and lack of deformation. In addition, there are some small teeth through the length of water stop which may prevent from water penetration. In fact it plays the role of a water dam. Cavity floor water stop, has a hole in center which has been expanded through the length of water stop for more resistance against contraction/ expansion tensions. Cavity floor water stop is generally used for water stopping in floor expansion seams. Cavity floor water stop is generally manufactured with widths of 24 & 30 cm and thickness of 4-6 mm. According to the type of structure and imposed hydrostatic pressures, it is possible to manufacture cavity floor water stop in different elongations. Therefore, it is named literally as floor water stop accordingly.

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