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Polyurethane Mastic

It is necessary to consider expansion seal at suitable locations and according to the different parameters such as number of floors, consumed materials and climatic condition of building establishment in order to prevent from any damages resulted from expansion/ contraction of building as a result of temperature change and/or prevention from load transfer of old neighboring building to the new one. In addition, it is impossible to have concreting in one step at great floors such as floor of great industrial saloons and/or road paving. Therefore, according to the greatness of surface and thickness of concreting, it is necessary to consider suitable executive seals in designing of construction. It is unpermitted to fill these executive and expansive seals with usual mortars. We need a material with high adhesive facility and good elasticity in order to have enough resistance against constructional tensions after filling the seals. Polyurethane Mastic is a powerful and applicable product for filling all executive & expanded seals. It is a powerful single-part sealant based upon polyurethane resins. It may absorb the moisture and then changed into solid physical mode with great reflection and may be used for adjusting / controlling of various seals. Polyurethane Mastic is a ready to use product and is easily applicable in any created seals. Polyurethane sealant is used for repair and renovation of constructional tracks as well.​​​​​​​

Packing: Tube​​​​​​​

Mode: Cream (Gray)​​​​​​​


Extra-ordinary adhesion to various materials
High elongation percentage
Maintenance of reflectivity in extreme heat & frost, without shrinkage
Simple & easy application without any need to any specialty
Suitable for applying in different temperature ranges
Suitable resistance against abrasion
Resistant against permanent deformation
High resistance against water & moisture
Resistance against UV of sunlight
Suitable resistance against corrosive materials
Suitable resistance against acids & oil hydrocarbons
Free from contraction & shrinkage

Consumption method:​​​​​​​

In order to apply polyurethane mastic, all considered seals should be free from any loose articles, dust, paints, grease, water and other form of moisture and polluted items.
In case of any moisture in considered sections, dry it by heat or other methods, because polyurethane mastic application at wet parts, may cause some bubbles.
In case of any pollutions and/or dust or loose parts, remove the same by water jet and/or sands.
Porosity levels should be smoothed by sandblast or other methods.
The minimum age for applying of polyurethane mastic is 28 days.
It is suggested to cover below-layer of water stop by a primer for increasing of adhesion.
Apply the primer at least 3 hours and at most 6 hours before using mastic.
In case after 6 hours of primer application, the polyurethane mastic is not applied in the prepared sections, repeat the primer again.
In order to apply the mastic, it is necessary to have equal width and depth to have a square form for the section in which the mastic is applied as well.
There is a special gun for applying of polyurethane mastic specifically for injection of mastic. Polyurethane sealant is applied by handy / windy guns and maximum pressure of 5.3kg.
Please apply a knife or trowel for polishing the final surface polluted with washing liquid.

Consumption rate​​​​​​​

It depends upon the seal section and considered volume for application along with considering the special weight and consumption rate.
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